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Drunk In Love MG125


Drunk In Love MG125


Size: 7ml

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FANTASY PEELABLE - Fantastic Transformation 

  • Simply peel off without nail polish remover
  • Vibrant and color-rich shades
  • Easily apply by premium brush design
  • Pregnancy- and child-safe

Water-based, Odorless, No Remover Required

Featuring water-based peelable non-toxic nail polish that you can safely use. No more waiting for a new nail look. Just simply peel off the polish in one single step without nail damage and color residue.

High Gloss Color-locking Technology

Easy brush-on formula creates healthy, radiant, and pigment-rich films that enhance the beauty of nails.

The first coat forms a film to protect the nail surface and reduce residue.
The second coat forms another film to lock the color for shine and high-pigmented fingertips.

Oval Stem with Rounded Flat Brush

Precise Application and Control

The ergonomic oval stem with a rounded flat brush made of DuPont bristles provides precise application and control on any nail shapes. No worry about picking up too much lacquers and it’s easy even for a novice to lay down every smooth coat evenly without too much effort.

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"UNT" is named after an abbreviation taken from "Untitled" because we believe that beauty cannot be represented by one verbal expression alone. 

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