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Heliocare Cream SPF50


Heliocare Cream SPF50


Size: 50ml

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Heliocare Cream SPF 50 is designed for dry skin, protecting the skin against harmful UV rays and providing hydration Formulated with phytobiological filters: 1% Fernblock and 0.2% Green Tea extract; physical filters: 5% Eusolex T2000 (Titanium Dioxide), 1.25% Z-cote Hp-1 and 1.25% Nanox 200 (Zinc Oxide); and chemical filters: 5% Eusolex OCR, 5% Eusolex 6300 and 10% Parsol MCX. Cosmetic elegant. Water Resistant. Non-Comedogenic. Ideal for normal and dry skins

Smooth and easy to apply, this cream glides across the skin without visible residue. Provides broad spectrum of UV protection, prevents cellular damage and hyperpigmentation.

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Heliocare, a brand from Spain that has been researched and developed by IFC Group since 2001. IFC Group focuses in manufacturing the most superior pharmaceuticals, dermatologicals, and cosmetic products, investing heavily in research and development, ensuring the products are safe and effective. Heliocare’s dedication to sun protection stretches the research and development team to present cutting-edge technology for users. Heliocare focuses on the main active ingredient, Fernblock, in their range of products that has this amazing ability to provide sun protection benefits. With recent studies, Fernblock is proven to help in improving hyperpigmented skin such as melasma and also, it is able to slow down signs of aging caused by external aggressors. Heliocare range of products is widely used by dermatologist, plastic surgeons and general practitioners.