Exclusive: This Korean Skincare Brand Just Launched It’s Latest Skincare Line in Singapore, and It’s Awesome!

Korean Beauty fans rejoice! Rose by Dr Dream is finally available in Singapore

17 December 2015 by Beauty A-List



Image: Beauty A-list. Shop the product here 

Rose by Dr. Dream is a cosmeceutical brand that was once sold exclusively in Korea, but is now available in Singapore for the first time, only on Beauty A-List! What does cosmeceutical mean you ask? Essentially they’re products that don’t just make you look good, but are also great for your skin!

Cosmeceuticals contain biologically active ingredients that have medical benefits for your skin. Produced by the group of surgeons behind one of Korea’s best plastic surgery programs, their latest skincare range Rose by Dr. Dream utilizes the beneficial qualities of rose stem cells and rose distilled water to provide solutions for women of all skin types. Besides its anti-aging properties, roses also have soothing, moisturizing and brightening qualities. With so many natural benefits, you’ll be wondering why you didn’t start using them sooner.  


Radiance Deep Cleansing Foam | $54

For those with oilier skin, the Radiance Deep Cleansing Foam will help to unclog and purify your skin.


Mild Natured Powder Cleanser | $70

For those with sensitive skin, the hypo-allergenic Mild Natured Powder Cleanser gently rids your skin of dead cells and sebum while maintaining your skin’s natural balance.


Rose Bubble Clay Pack | $79

Rose by Dr. Dream also offers a range of face masks including sheet masks and their best seller Rose Bubble Clay Pack that turns from clay to foam, lifting and drawing the impurities away organically so you won’t have to subject your skin to the harsh scrubbing that accompanies a clay mask removal

The whole range is design to suit every girl’s preference! Even their Luminous Rosegold Cushion provides complete coverage but also provides deep hydration with a lustrous finish.



Dream Age Powder Essence  | 4 bottles, $222

For those worried about dry skin on plane rides, Dr Dream’s Dream Age Powder Essence will be the new travel product you simply cannot do without. Containing extracts of rose, yuzu and grapefruit, your skin won’t just be moisturized and brightened, it will smell good too! This magical powder turns into liquid only when applied and comes in a handy travel-sized bottle, which means you won’t ever have to worry about bringing liquids on board!

Using this product is easy. Simply place a small amount of product on the dish provided, use a finger (preferably your ring finger) to apply some product on your face and watch as it miraculously turns into liquid! If you’ve forgotten to apply it before your daily makeup routine, don’t worry! The best part about Dream Age Powder Essence is that it’s effective even if you apply it after your makeup without affecting how you look.

Rose by Dr. Dream is the ideal solution for the go-getter with limited time on her hands. Speaking from experience, it’s so easy to neglect your skin when you’re busy conquering life’s challenges. Pamper your skin with these products designed to complement the hectic lifestyles of a modern day woman and experience a whole new you with minimal effort!


Stay tune as we bring you Rose by Dr Dream video review!