8 Manicure & Pedicure Color Combos!

Can’t make up your mind? Here are some of UNT's fool proof combos!

4 April 2016 by Beauty A-List

Combo 1:
Nude: Pretentious (NV015
Red: Villainess (SY050)

Combo 2:
White: Virtual Reality (LV005)
Navy: Midnight Temptation (DW075)

Combo 3:
Metallic: Snow Angel (PA020)
Coral: Orange Creamsicle (LV015)

Combo 4:
Dark Blue: Something Blue (LV030)
Light Blue: Breakup Blues (VE030)

Combo 5:
Grey: Grey Area (NV010)
Light Pink: Cotton Candy (VE005)

Combo 6:
Pink Pastel: Girl Code (VE020)

Green Pastel: Jealousy (VE035)

Combo 7:
Pink Lilac: Superficial Me Not (RU015

Purple Lilac: Illusion (VE055)

Combo 8:
Vamp: Devil Within (AS055)

Orange: Blast From The Past (RU055)

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