The Ultimate Mother's Day Gift Guide!

Can't decide what to give? Here are some of Beauty A-List's recommendations!

4 May 2016 by Beauty A-List


When May 8 rolls around, celebrate Mom with one of these thoughtful and luxurious gifts she'll never forget. From edgy to pampering gifts, there's something for everyone!



For the cool mom, whose personal mantra is "Rock and Roll Never Dies", get something up her alley such as the rainbow colored semi-permanent hair dye - Manic Panic

Tested on Celebrities and never animals, it's ready to use (simply apply and let it set), vegan and ammonia-free

With colors from Atomic Turquoise to Cotton Candy Pink, think funky and new age!


Atomic Turquoise | $28.90

Cotton Candy Pink | $28.90



For the stylish mom who radiates the grace and class of Audrey Hepbun, give her the gift of luxe makeup. ILIA, an eco-friendly brand that believes that lips makes a woman, makes wonderful lipsticks and lip conditioners. Not convinced? Take a look at their sleek packaging and amazing colors!

In My Room Lipstick | $46

Fade Into You | $63

 Try out ILIA's Fade Into You Translucent Powder - an all in one powder and brush. It's sleek compartment contains the powder at the bottom and the brush on top, to use simply turn it downwards, tap and viola! Ready to use


For the mom who believes in all things organic, try out local brand - Frank Skincare

Famous for their facial oil, their ingredients are not only 100% certified organic and natural, they are 100% against animal testing. Trust us, facial oil in this weather sounds like a recipe for disaster, but this lightweight facial oil made our skin feel moisturised and soft all day long.

Juicier Luxury Facial Oil | $58 | 30ml

Juicier Luxury Face Oil is packed with 11 luxurious, organic ingredients that show the proven ability to revolutionize the skin’s appearance. 

It promotes cellular healing through the high dose transfer of vitamins, essential amino acids, fatty acids, and antioxidants. Perfect for all skin types, you’ll see improved moisture balance, protection against free radicals, natural skin renewal, anti-inflammatory relief, and firm, plump skin with the help of lipid and collagen protectors. 

Rosy Mist | $38 | 50ml

One of our favourite, this mist nourish the skin with natural vitamins and antioxidants to soften tired skin, tighten pores, hydrate to a deep level, restore elasticity, smooth out wrinkles, and protect your skin from environmental stressors - A whole lot of punch for something as simple as a mist!

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